At Buzz&Go, we’re all about creating travel stories worth sharing – so we thought it was about time we did some travelling ourselves to spread the buzz about what we do, all the way over in the Magic City of Miami… *grabs sunglasses, throws Will Smith on old-school stereo, gets ready to work on tan*However,…

If we want to succeed in the implementation of an influence marketing strategy, we first need to understant what the traveler is looking for. By knowing traveler expectations and the tools that they are using to find inspiration and book their holidays, hotels will be able to properly use influencers in order to reach their marketing objectives.

The main challenges of influence marketing are the identification of the right influencer, the control and quality of the content created, the choice of the plateform on which influencers publish it, and finally the respect of the 3 pillars of Influence Marketing: Reach, Resonance and Relevance.

We know that the behavior of the new generation of travelers has completely changed. It implied that, in an ultra-competitive environment, hotels have to face new challenges and adapt their marketing strategy. A long process is happening before turning the internet user into a potential client, this is why the hotel’s first mission is to be visible and to get known. In this article we will see how to develop the brand awareness but also how to retain and convert customers.

To succeed in this ultra-competitive environment, implementing a strong social media strategy by working with influencers is not an option, it is the key.

Before the existence of the Internet, travelers had only a handful of interlocutors to help booking their stay. Travel agents and word of mouth played a significant role in the purchase decision. Nowadays, with the development of distribution channels, social medias and review websites, the behavior of this new generation of travelers has completely changed. Hotels have to adapt their strategy if they want to improve their online presence and meet online travelers’ expectation