Acquired media strategies are becoming increasingly important in content marketing projects. Whether it is a topic related to B2B or B2C, agencies and advertisers consider the acquired media as a key point, leaving more points.
We have 3 key points : the owned media, the paid media, and finally the media won. The media owned as its name includes is the media that you own or create. Your website, your social networks, the videos you create for your blog or your YouTube channel … the list can be long. Paid media is less complex by encompassing all expenses to promote content. Sponsoring a social media post, buying AdWords for your event page…The media, meanwhile, is free. You do not spend anything to get it, except maybe the time spent with the organizer, and probably some invitations. If it is free, it is much more subjective and difficult to quantify. It includes all the publications you benefit from thanks to your influence.


Earned media is very important for all industries, although it is easier to acquire for some than others. In addition it is valve between the audience you are trying to reach, and the content you push through the owned and paid media. You can enjoy the credibility of a third party for free, which will relay or re-use your content. Concretely, it is not easy to set up, but it can bring you many opportunities. This practice will certainly increase during the year 2018. B2B or B2C influencers are becoming more visible and numerous, which will encourage brands to contact them through different channels. In addition, the earned media can take time to get busy with certain contacts, so as soon as some companies start, the sooner it can get benefits.

The development of relationships with influencers, media, and other relay sources will become strategic to develop its visibility. All companies now have the ability to produce content and deliver it to audiences they target. On the other hand, not all companies can boast of having quality sources of influence that bring credibility to their message. It is in the pursuit of this goal that earned media will be the practice for 2018 in content strategies.