Buzz&Go is based on the idea of finding the right context for your brand through connecting with influencers – so it’s pretty apt that we’ve found ourselves mingling with some of our own industry heroes of late! Fresh from pitching our model at trade event LE Miami in June, we’d barely had a chance to open our inbox before receiving an email telling us that we’d made the cut to host a workshop at sister event PURE Life Experiences – so between 12 – 15 September, we’ll be boarding a plane to Marrakech to share our insights with a whole new crowd of travel experts!purelogoPURE is an annual festival for the high-end experiential travel industry, focused on bringing together the industry’s most maverick leaders (‘PUREists’) for a week of ideas, inspiration and innovation. This year they’re introducing their first ever collaborative ‘un-conference’, MATTER – and Buzz&Go will be playing our part by having our CEO takes to the floor to lead a 1-hour workshop on influencer marketing.We can’t wait to impart what we’ve learned about influencers to this niche community, with Sebastien covering points including:- How to identify a good blogger- How to choose who to invite to stay at your property- What to include/exchange as part of that stay- What type of contract or agreement you need- How to ensure the influencer meets expectationsHowever, for those of you who can’t make it to Marrakech, here’s four key insights about how to work with influencers (plus a bonus article about why influencer marketing is so hot for hotels right now).1. LET THEM DO THEIR THING.Yes, you may have a particular theme or attraction that you want an influencer to explore during their stay – but don’t be too strict! These individuals are successful because of their unique point of view; so let them shape their own story. Readers can tell when something is authentic, and it’s authenticity that generates reach.2. GET UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL.Get yourself in an influencer’s good books by using social media and blogs to find out what makes them tick. Look up their latest travel pictures and figure out how you could make their stay even better – are they into a particular drink or chocolates? Put it in their room as a welcome gift. The more Instagrammable moments you can create, the better.3. FIND YOUR PERFECT MATCH.Number of followers and likes isn’t everything; to attract the right travellers to your property, you need to pick an influencer who resonates with your core beliefs and style. Again, it all comes back to authenticity – people will know if their enthusiasm is being phoned in.4. BE PICTURE PERFECT.One thing that never loses its thrill on social media is user-generated pictures. Influencers know exactly how to take a stunning photo that will work on social media sites – and you’re free to use them on your own channels! This strategy has the added benefit of instantly improving search engine referencing.So there you have it: influencer marketing is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (and 4). Stay tuned for our post-PURE report for more insights…Pure TradeshowWant to learn more about travel influence marketing? Book a