There are many opportunities where a hotel or a destination could turn to an Influence Marketing campaign. For example, to communicate effectively about a reopening, a special event or a promotion or with a specific repositioning objective (attracting younger clientele or reaching a specific target). All these with the goal of increasing the hotel’s global visibility on social networks.

What is the main objective?

By working with Influencers, the hotel will reach specific communities of potential customers  and generate the buzz on social networks, specifically via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well as improving its visibility on Google. The objective is to inspire travelers, catch their attention and turn them into customers by improving your brand awareness.Six_Senses_Laamu_panorama_[5692-A4]

How is this going to have an impact on the Internet users?

The Internet users behavior is changing. Now more than ever, they look for authenticity, they want to be inspired and trust their peers’ advice when choosing a hotel. An influencer tells his personal experience in the first person, which is more subjective and has a far better impact than a magazine article or a traditionnal commercial.

What is the advantage compared to traditional media?

socialvstradThe greatest advantage is that the content generated during the campaign is permanent. Bloggers publish articles before, during and after their trip. These publications are always accessible and easy to find online. 

How to Set Up Collaboration?

Today, the relationship between influencers and hoteliers is just starting. In the interest of transparency, some bloggers explain to their readers what they have been offered, but there are no general rules on this subject except in the U.S. and soon in Canada.Untitled design (12)

What is the business model?

  • The hotelier can turn to specialized agencies or use online platforms, which often work based on subscriptions.
  • In most cases Influencers are offered discounts or free overnight stays if they share their trip experiences. Sharing can include articles, pictures and videos, tweets or even just a social media check-in. For the hotel, the added value is that its image is linked to a qualified influential person.

Influence Marketing has a more human dimension compared to traditional digital marketing. It allows a very detailed targeting.

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