The main challenges of influence marketing are the identification of the right influencers, the control and quality of the content created, the choice of the plateform on which influencers publish it, and finally the respect of the 3 pillars of Influence Marketing: Reach, Resonance and Relevance. Find out the basics to create a relevant and measurable influence marketing strategy

  1. Public Relations 2.0

Due to the explosion of the social web, communication management and media relations are indivisible from online presence. The online awareness is a basic component for a brand. The community manager manages the brand and its community on every online channels. One of these communication channels is much closer to the consumers: Influencers.Influencers are considered to be experts in a field or regarding a specific theme. They are recognized by their peers through the sharing
 of experiences. They are, above all, people with whom their community identifies and are considered
 to be trend-setters who relay a message to
 a specific audience by filtering information and offering an exclusive and important content to their readers. landscape-1441134217-img-7084

  1. Content is at the center of Influence Marketing

The principle of content marketing is to create and share quality content with its audience. The content allows the brand to attract its audience. Influence Marketing consists of creating content by collaborating with Influencers. The challenge is to find good Influencers who will effectively relay the content and create viral sharing. 

  1. Social medias are the essential lever of Influence Marketing and Earned Media

social-media-imageSharing through social medias improves the visibility of a brand. Sharing can reach a wide audience by creating conversations. When an influential actor distributes a message to his community, the message gets bigger through viral sharing. Earned Media is one of the results of the influence phenomenon. Influence can attract loyal purchasers of the brand through the buzz effect. 

  1. Identifying the right influencers: the key to a successfull campaign

The challenge of an Influence Marketing campaign is to identify the right information relays to create and distribute content that will be shared multiple times. The selection of influential actors allows for targeting a message to a specific audience. In fact, according to the opinion leader, a brand can be targeted to every audience.


  1. The pillars of Influence Marketing

The influence is based on three pillars.

  • RBq6qlJvCMAAlJuIeach, the power of distributing a message and the number of people reached by the influencer.
  • Resonance, the amplification of the message through sharing on social networks. This is where the viral nature of Influence Marketing comes into play.
  • Relevance, the consistency of the message according to the objective of the campaign and the audience targeted through the Influencer.

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