At Buzz&Go, we’re all about serving up the freshest, most connected influencers to savvy travel brands who are looking for the right people to promote their products. In our constant quest to find creative souls with something to say and an audience to say it to, we’re really excited to announce our new partnership with super-cool app Mixer (iOs only).mixer logoMixer describes itself as a “private social-professional network for established creatives in the music, film, fashion and arts industries”, fostering creative collaborations between like-minded people in hubs like New York, LA, London and Paris (we hear that Lindsay Lohan has a profile, although we can’t decide whether we’d connect or not…). Basically, it’s a levelled-up LinkedIn where members can upload their portfolios, search for valuable new connections and sign up for suitably swanky private events in their city.What we like most of all, however, is the fact that every single member must be referred before being thoroughly vetted by a committee, who research their creative credentials before giving their seal of approval.That’s why Buzz&Go has teamed up with Mixer to provide exclusive travel deals to their members, concierge-style. Buzz&Go will be featured within the Mixer app, inviting members to browse and request to stay at a selection of hotels – and in exchange, to provide amazing content for that hotel that reflects their creative focus. Everybody wins!joinmixer and buzz&goIf you want to learn more and get an invitation to Mixer, contact us.If you are an influencer and want to get sponsor for your next trip, join