Before the existence of the Internet, travelers had only a handful of interlocutors to help booking their stay. Travel agents and word of mouth played a significant role in the purchase decision. Nowadays, with the development of distribution channels, social medias and review websites, the behavior of this new generation of travelers has completely changed. Hotels have to adapt their strategy if they want to improve their online presence and meet online travelers’ expectations.

The New Generation of Travelers

alilavillassoori-weddings-2The characteristics that define the new generation of travelers are a flawless use of the internet, a high interest for technologies, a pronounced use of social medias and a higher traveling frequency than ever before! Travelers that can be referred to as Millennials (between 18-30 years old) are digital natives, they have never traveled without natural access to the internet and social networks.

This means that they are self empowered smart consumers, and that they are used to browse through huge amounts of information to find what will inspire them and trigger the desire to travel.

The era of similarity and standardized properties is quickly fading, the new generation of traveler want to experience and explore the world to share their stories and adventures with their peers. They are turning back to authenticity and exclusiveness.These Millennials are now the prime target for travel brands trying to seduce and turn them into loyal customers and this means that hotels must rethink the way they communicate and reach this new generation of travelers.


Sharing is in our DNA

ad_158000740-e1422979287304Social media is at the center of the travel experience, it is part of travelers’ lifestyle to always remain connected and find inspiration online as well as share their experiences. The social networks are emphasizing the fact that we are social creatures and hotels need to adapt their marketing strategies and find channels to relay their product to the new generation of travelers, but they also have to understand that all these shifts are happening on previous generations as well.

This is where Influence Marketing and partnering with influencers becomes necessary, in a world where traveling is now more than ever about the EXPERIENCE rather than the brand and the STORIES rather than the price. Hotels who will understand this will be the ones leading the hospitality industry of tomorrow!

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